Sunday, November 26, 2006

New Stuff On the Reporter.

Every once in a while you have sort of a quiet spell in the news department, and this has been one of those hiatuses. Due to other commitments and a general slowdown this time of the year the reported decisions have been slow in coming, and the blogging has been notorious by its absence.

But there's hope, as there are a string of new decisions from the Iowa Court of Appeals concerning Iowa's favorite outdoor sport, which is driving under the influence.

Also, I'm pleased to announce that Dave Dudley, the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy's DUI guru, has come back to us literally from death's door. Dave had a hip replacement that went dangerously wrong, and for a while there it looked like he was not going to get through it. But he did, he's recovering, and he'll be back in his usual haunt in fairly short order.

Welcome back, David. We missed you.

Read on, and I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving-hell, being alive is something to sing the praises of.


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