Friday, January 12, 2007

North Carolina Police Officer Dies During Foot Chase

It was reported today that a North Carolina police officer died of a heart attack while in foot pursuit of a suspect today. The officer was only thirty four years old. It was not clear from the article what the exact circumstances were, or whether there was some coronary defect that was unknown until today.

This brings up an important point for any officer who does more than drive a desk.

Cardiovascular health and fitness is as necessary to getting home unharmed after the shift as a safety check and a reliable weapon can be.

Anyone whose job involves inactivity and short bursts of extreme energy should take this as a caution. If that's you, and you're maybe packing a few extra pounds, take the time to look at all the things that can affect your cardiac health-smoking, stress, trouble at home, bad eating habits, lack of fitness.

Make the changes you need to, and get a clean bill of health from the medic. Get in shape and then go run those felons to ground.....chances are you're in better shape than the average suspect anyway.


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