Wednesday, February 28, 2007

News From Europe

The BBC reports that charges have been lodged by the International Criminal Court against Sudan's Humanitarian Affairs Minister, one Ahmed Haroun, who has been accused of war crimes for his conduct in the shameful and obscene spectacle in Darfur province these past four years.

Mr. Haroun says he does not feel guilty (they never do, do they?) because he acted legally and in accordance with the general interest. Haroun was well known around Darfur as the man who armed and bankrolled the Janjaweed, armed Arab militias who are determined to reeducate the mass of Darfur peasants by the old traditional methods of rape, mass murder, and drumhead trials and executions.

With all due respect to the ICC, at the glacial pace things move there, Mr. Haroun will be another charcoal briquet in hell before they ever get around to putting his sorry ass in cuffs.

What the ICC needs is some judges who know how to clear a docket and be a scourge to malefactors like Judge Isaac Parker of the District of Arkansas-then maybe we'd take them seriously here.


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