Friday, April 27, 2007

And It's All On Tape.

State v. Dawson, no. 06-0390 (Iowa Ct. App. April 25, 2007)

Dawson was convicted of murder, assault with intent to inflict injury, and domestic abuse assault. Dawson beat and stabbed his girlfriend. He called 911 and stated he'd had his last fight with her and she was dead. When police showed up the videocam on the dash of the cruiser recorded these statements from the grieving Dawson:

  • I was tired of dealing with her
  • I stabbed her with my fucking knife. She's dead now.
  • That fucking bitch ain't gonna threaten me no more
  • Her psychiatrist can't help her now

Police found the girlfriend lying on the floor with a knife in her chest and she died en route.

Dawson argued a host of ineffective assistance claims in his pro se appellate brief.

The court found that even if there was anything to the ineffective assitance claims the evidence was overwhelming.

Dashboard cameras are a GOOD thing. They ought to be in every police car in the state without exception.


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