Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dade County Confidential UPDATE 2

UPDATE 2 Sept. 16 It seems as if the story of Shawn LaBeet, his brother Shane LaBeet, the family of Renee Deangelo, and his shirttail relative Ishmael Ali LaBeet is a convoluted one indeed.

It seems that LaBeet had been on the lam for five years, along with 219,000 other scofflaws in south Florida. In a contretemps over drugs, he inadvertently shot his girlfriend Renee, he was charged, a warrant was issued and he absconded.

One wonders how Ishmael Ali is liking things in Havana these days. One positive thing that may come from the impending demise of the Castro regime is that some overdue justice may be levied against the scofflaws and thugs that the regime has seen fit to adopt-it is fervently hoped that Joanne Chesimard's time is drawing near.

UPDATE Sept. 14 These fine looking folks are in custody today because they not only sheltered the cop slayer Shawn LaBeet( who assumed room temperature today after a hot lead injection), the one on the right gave a phony name and thus confused the issue of who LaBeet was for several critical hours yesterday.

Certainly he was a desperado, but I wonder what the larger connection was between LaBeet and this family beyond the romantic courtesy the Herald of course.

The Miami Herald informs us this day that a Miami-Dade officer was killed and three others were wounded in broad daylight this morning in a firefight that erupted during the activities of a burglary detail.

A white car was seen driving erratically. Officers stopped the car, and the occupant got out and opened fire on officers working the detail with a high powered assault rifle, perhaps the ubiquitous AK47.

The occupant fled and the white Honda he had been driving was recovered, its windshield shattered-indicating that fire was perhaps returned.

Police were searching for one Shawn LaBeet, who was reported to have purchased assault weapons and a pistol in March of this year.

The takehome's simple.

A vehicle stop is the single most dangerous thing an officer can undertake

-even when the numbers suggest that the situation is well under control.


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