Monday, July 06, 2009

1st Annual Flatliner Award

Folks, we're instituting a new award series here called the Flatliner Awards because the recipients have conclusively demonstrated that there's no detectable electrical activity inside their mush filled crania.

To get this off with a bang, the first annual Flatliner is a fellow named Gamaliet Figueroa up in Cedar Rapids who, while on probation for distributing heroin, posted photos of himself with guns on his myspace page-which, of course, his PO, being no fool was watching. On the strength of that Figueroa's home was searched and a rifle and ammunition was discovered.

For his efforts Figueroa may well end up spending a dime of his time in a fine federal correctional facility-he's a felon, you see.

Amazingly he's not the only one who's wandered into this thicket.


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