Monday, September 20, 2010

The Confederate Dollar Awards

Here at the Dougloid Towers we have decided on a new feature to 'liven things up' a little.

We're calling this the First Annual Confederate Dollar Award, for conduct well below the accepted standard for the genus planaria.

The 2010 nominee is the Calumet County, Wisconsin County Attorney.

We're going to file this under the heading of "What could this moron have been thinking?"

It seems that Calumet County, Wisconsin County Attorney Ken Kratz is going on indefinite medical leave in the wake of a scandal concerning him.

"B-b-but what scandal, Sparky?" you say.

Rest easy, little feller.

It seems that Ken, responsible for prosecuting a domestic violence case, sent the victim 30 or more text messages of a ....well....naughty manner over the course of three days.

The worst part is that they were smarmy.

Talk about using leverage over a woman in need of a helping hand.

I'd bet my last Confederate dollar that this wasn't his first time either.


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