Tuesday, January 16, 2007

This Week's "Too Stupid To Live" Award

This just in from the Herald News.

It seems that one Andrew Erickson, a student at Bristol Community College in Rhode Island submitted his final exam in a computer systems class on a CD.

However, what Andrew actually did was submit a CD which contained explicit child pornography pics. The professor, astounded, turned the CD over to authorities and charges are pending.

Erickson realized somewhere along the line that he'd submitted the wrong disc and tried to get it back. He sent an email to the prof saying "Oh snap. I am sorry. I accidentally gave you my friend's mixed music CD that I meant to keep here and install on my computer....I am sorry and hope that it didn't affect the grade at all."

Well, what to make of this? Several things appear relevant. Andrews spends too much time watching the Jaime Pressly character in "My Name Is Earl". Andrew's also something of a liar who's not above trying to blame others for his errors.


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