Thursday, May 24, 2007

In Germany, Where Justice is Swift and Severe

The Associated Press reports today that William Coday was convicted in Florida and sentenced to death for the murder of his girlfriend.

Coday beat his girlfriend to death with a ball peen hammer and repeatedly stabbed her.

Coday had been previously convicted of the crime and sentenced to death but the sentence was overturned by the Florida Supremes because the trial judge didn't pay too much attention to the defense's expert witnesses. They said that Coday's homicidal rage was triggered by rejection.

Coday beat his girlfriend to death, fled the US and then returned for some odd reason.

Where's Germany figure in here? Read on.

In 1978, Coday was convicted in Germany of beating his girlfriend to death with a hammer, and was released after serving less than half of a three year sentence.

You can read about his exploits here.


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