Friday, May 04, 2007

Josh Hancock: Dead Drunk.

The Associated Press reports that St. Louis Cardinals ace relief pitcher Josh Hancock was determined to have been driving with a BAC of 0.157 when he ass ended a wrecker parked in the road assisting a driver involved in a previous accident. Hancock was also in the middle of an animated conversation on his cell phone with someone when the conversation stopped along with the brain waves and respiration.

All of which goes to show that people can't always get away with driving when smashed, even if they are rich and famous.

It is also said that 500 or so people attended the funeral where the departed was remembered as a "goodhearted prankster".

It's enough to make you almost forget that the merry prankster was a homicidal fool, and it was a good thing he didn't get the opportunity to take anyone else along with him.


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