Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fort Dodge Confidential: Like Father Like Son?

Once again I have Deputy Jason Barnes of the MCSO to thank for tipping me off to another in a series of interesting news items from Fort Dodge. It's an interesting one.

It's reported in the Fort Dodge Messenger, bes' li'l ole scandal sheet in Webster County.

Seems that one Denis Gailey was arrested for kidnaping his wife and daughter back in April, sexually abusing his stepdaughter, and if that wasn't obnoxious enough, he planned to burn his house down.

A brief recon through the Iowa Court Information System reveals that Denis Gailey was an accident waiting to happen (a bad accident, too) and maybe he should have been put away a long time ago.

John Gailey, Denis' father, is in some hot water himself. As reported in the Waterloo papers, he offered his daughter in law a bribe back in July and the upshot of it was a charge of suborning perjury and violation of a no contact order.

The elder Gailey refuses to testify in his son's case because he alleges he was acting as his son's attorney in the sexual assault case, although the younger Gailey said he didn't have an attorney at the time, and the elder Gailey testified earlier in the year that he did not represent his son on any charges.

Tim Schott, County Attorney deluxe, is leading up the charge for the good people of Webster County.

My advice to the Gaileys?

For the younger, get a pad and paper and start writing Fort Madison, Iowa 52627. You're going to need the practice.

For the elder, it's a simpler matter. When you lie down with dogs, you're going to get up with fleas.

I'll see you at the disbarment.


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