Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What The Well Dressed Combat Medic Is Wearing

Here's a picture of what the well dressed tourist enjoying an all expenses paid vacation in and around FOB Gardez/Zormat is wearing these days. The hogleg pistol from the fine folks at Beretta is an optional but highly recommended fashion accessory.
He's had his first experience patching up fellows who were blown up in a truck, and it seems to be sitting well with him. They're beat up but OK, by the way.
We had a conversation a year ago when he was getting used to wearing Uncle's attire again, and I speculated that there was an entire universe of people who he did not know, and who did not know him, but who were depending on him and betting their lives he was going to do the best damn job he could.
Apparently, that is happening and the karma's good.


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