Thursday, January 22, 2009

From the Podiatry, Moral Probity and Dangerous Weapons Desk

Folks, I didn't make this up.

From the Columbus Dispatch, bes' li'l ole scandal sheet around central Ohio we are informed that one Yusuf Evans was seated at the stage in the XTC Lounge nightclub and strip joint in beautiful downtown metropolitan Akron.

When an exotic dancer identified as "Tiara" (why are they not named things like Sue, or Betty or Carol? but I digress) went into her....ahem.... routine her 1970s style platform shoe flew off  and mashed Yusuf in the face, the centrifugal force being too much for the lashings to contain I suppose.

He says he's had trouble breathing ever since and has filed suit against the XTC Lounge for $25,000. He also says that he doesn't frequent strip clubs and it was an exception.


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