Friday, October 17, 2008

The Truth Is Out There

The Register informs us this day that an analyst with the DCI was fired last year, at least partially because she did not disclose on her application that she'd worked at Hooters-you know,  the watering hole that specializes in scantily clad pouters with silicone implants on the side.

Heck, the food isn't even important, and probably 9 out of 10 customers couldn't tell you whether they'd had chicken wings or the contents of a spittoon. I sure couldn't.

Heather Kearney was fired in 2007, at least in part because she'd left out the job because she thought it was "not relevant". 

More likely she thought it was embarrassing and did not appear professional. I can empathize there because I've had a few jobs myself that ended badly and look terrible on a resume. It takes a few years before they recede into the ground scatter of the average career summary and become an interesting, if slightly exotic, footnote. 

I guess she found out the hard way that what's important here is not whether the job at Hooters was relevant or not (it probably wasn't) but that she omitted it from the application. 

Folks, they check these things. They really do background checks. 

You've been warned.


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