Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ridin' The Dog: Stranger Than Fiction

Note: This is an original work of art by Nolde Banziger titled "Dante's Headsman".

From the Great White North, that usual paragon of civic virtue and all things good and true, the National Post reports this day that 36 passengers on a Greyhound en route from Edmonton to Winnipeg were stunned to watch as a passenger drew out a knife and stabbed a sleeping man next to him.

Apparently not content with this unprovoked attack, the headsman-because that's who he turned out to be-decapitated his hapless victim.
Confined to the interior of the Scenic Cruiser by horrified passengers and the driver, the man proceeded to remove the victim's head from his shoulders and wave it around in a true furor teutonicus.

You can read about it here, lest you think yr fearless editor is making this stuff up.

You just never really know, do you?

Bon appetit, y'all.


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