Sunday, April 05, 2009

Strange Days Have Come

Strange days have found us
Strange days have tracked us down
-Jim Morrison

We're reliably informed that three Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania officers have died in the line of duty.

What's stunning about this story-aside from the loss of life-is the apparent silliness that triggered it.

It seems that police were summoned to the home of Margaret Poplawski in response to an argument that had erupted between her and her son over a dog peeing on the carpet.

When police arrived to eject Richard Poplawski from the home or mediate the dispute, he opened fire on them while they were in the foyer of the home.

Richard Poplawski was known to have been one of these retards intent on stockpiling a cache of weapons because he figured that the Head Negro In Charge in Washington was going to seize his weapons and probably his penis as well, before turning him into a socialist homo.

I am so tired of these people with their AK47s stashed in PVC pipe in the back yard and their apocalyptic delusions.

It's a combination that has to stop somewhere, because it's making life very difficult for the rest of us. As long as these idiots moved out to the desert past Barstow to await the big Ride of the Valkyries, no harm came to the rest of us, and they could blow themselves up with homemade Claymores and the world went merrily along. But no more.

Of course, dear old Mom never thought it worth mentioning to the 911 dispatcher the fact that her son was armed to the teeth awaiting his second amendment Gotterdammerung and was wandering around the house in a bulletproof vest and that they'd best be careful.

The rest is history. Over a dog peeing on the carpet.

The takehome's clear-any home where there's a call for services could be the last place you ever see. What's more difficult to decipher is what we can do about all the ticking time bombs that this particular delusion seems to be creating in our midst.

I don't know how law enforcement is supposed to do their job under these conditions.


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