Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Convenience Store Clerks Killed In Algona, Humboldt

As everyone knows, a feckless teen from Minnesota shot and killed two convenience store clerks in two separate incidents in Kossuth and Humboldt counties the other night.

It is said that he shot the clerks-two middle aged women-to prevent them from identifying him should he be arrested for the robberies he committed.

The victims were blameless, hard working women with kids and grandkids who worked hard providing a necessary and welcome service to travelers. That makes this all the more difficult to wrap our heads around.

What's surprising about the offender-this person who seems to think it's all very funny-is from a reputable middle class home in St. Louis Park, Minnesota who had a few brushes with the law-nothing unusual there.

There's not much we can bring to the table as far as prevention through education of potential offenders is concerned. Detection and remediation is nice but we'll never know if it works-just when it doesn't as in this case. I don't have any good ideas there except that whatever we do we should do it well on the off chance that it may head off another incident like this-we can't afford not to.

But maybe what we can do is take a few minutes out of our day to talk to the people who work in that most thankless and hazardous of jobs making the coffee and manning the register at late hours, and give them the benefit of our knowledge and training in self defense and personal protection and what we've learned about human nature-although nobody could have prepared for this.

That sure can't hurt.


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