Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You Knew They Were Stupid, Didn't You?

Here's a picture of Anthony Garcia, an otherwise unremarkable mutt who claims the Rivera-13 set around Norwalk and Pico Rivera, California-and thereby hangs a tale.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, a homicide investigator in the Los Angeles County sheriff's office was routinely reviewing a slate of gang tattoo photos when something piqued his interest.

Gang members and affiliates, when arrested, have their gang tats routinely photographed. Sometimes these depict telling information.

There, for all the world to see on Anthony Garcia's chest, was the graphic description of a crime scene. It was a homicide that had gone unsolved since 2004, and the depiction included details of the crime scene . And the investigator was no stranger to the case, as he'd served in the Pico Rivera area at the time of the homicide.

An undercover detective was placed in Garcia's cell after he was arrested, and as criminals do, Garcia blabbed. The rest is history, and Garcia's slated to be sentenced next month for his first degree murder conviction.

Of course, Garcia and his set weren't done yet. It is reported that Garcia, his mother, his brother and two other confederates have been charged with conspiring to smuggle dope into the county jail.


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