Wednesday, September 18, 2013

David Flores In The News. Again.

The Des Moines Register informs us this day that Iowa's favorite felon,  David Flores,  is once again back in the news. According to the police report, if true in all its particulars, it seems that after luring his former girlfriend to his pad, he beat, choked, and held her against her will overnight. Even discounting for police report hyperbole, this is disconcerting news. At this moment Flores has yet to be arrested-or found maybe.

This is Flores' third or fourth brush with the law since conning the credulous court of the retired Judge Don Nickerson into granting a new trial, which resulted in Flores taking a plea to avoid going back to da joint or risking it all at trial.

Flores' crew of handlers and groupies allege that this is but another example of police harassment, sort of sour grapes, and I do not doubt that he is being watched closely.

Time will tell. One never knows, do one?


At 5:47 PM, Blogger Matt said...

I'm sure he will wind up in the slammer again soon. Owning a bail bonds company in Las Vegas has shown me that repeat business and repeat customers aren't always a great thing. "They won't burn you until they do" is one of my many mottos.


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