Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where The World Gets Stupid Part II: The Facebook Chronicles

It's widely reported this morning that Estefany Martinez and her sig other posted notes on facebook which were...ahem...incriminating and thus ended up in a pickle.

It seems that Martinez and Anna Rivera, a confederate, started planning a heist at the bank where they both worked, and Martinez' boyfriend and Rivera's brother robbed the Texas bank of $62,000 in March.

So far so good, but Martinez and her boyfriend posted stuff on facebook that were...ahem...suspicious, including "WIPE MY TEETH WITH HUNDREDS WIPE MY *** WITH DIS 50s :$:$:$:$:"

Huffpost has collected nineteen other instances in which posts on Facebook led to arrests for...well....stupid stuff. And it doesn't end there, either, as they've collected similar escapades that merely got the idiots fired from their jobs.


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