Thursday, January 18, 2007

Stuart Police Chief: J'accuse!

It's reported today by the Register that Carol Rayburn, deposed chief of the Stuart Police Department, made her case in front of the city council that abruptly fired her on December 8 of last year. Rayburn, it is reported, is concerned that the abrupt dismissal jeopardizes any future she may have had in law enforcement. Carol was police chief of Stuart for seven years.

As an interesting note, a person interviewed observed that 39 officers had been through the department in three years before Rayburn arrived on the scene and brought order out of chaos.

Apparently, the city council prefers chaos.

As a homily for young officers and those changing departments it bears repeating....figure out how many people have been through that revolving door and how fast it's spinning before you stick your head into it.

Stay tuned.....this could get interesting.


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